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My name is Zlata and I am a lifestyle coach and founder of Sexyfit Method. Together, you and I, create a nutrition and fitness plan that works with your lifestyle to deliver results you deserve. Every program is backed by expert coaching in real time anywhere. 


Tired of being "good" one day and falling off the "clean eating wagon" next? Received so much nutritional advice you don’t even know what to eat anymore? At Sexyfit we don’t do “diets”. We create a nutritional approach that works with your taste buds and your busy schedule. You will know exactly what, how much and when to eat to optimize your results. We help you to change both your habits and your environment slowly, but surely, so that success is inevitable. As a result eating well, looking good, and feeling great will become effortless.


We analyze your lifestyle, your goals and your preferences to create a fitness program that gives you the results you deserve. You will know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. We specialize in resistance training, cross training, running plans and weight loss plans. Whether you are a tenderfoot or a gym rat, your Sexyfit coach will design a workout you will love, one that will give you a sense of accomplishment, but not make you sore for days. We will work with you to structure and adjust your schedule to fit your new lifestyle.


You have professional support from you coach through your smart phone (via text, email or phone). At Sexyfit we want you to be successful on your journey to a healthier, happier and sexier you. Your lifestyle is different from everyone else and therefore it requires a different approach. We have coached entrepreneurs, nurses, mothers of 4, college students and traveling business women on their journey to health. People just like you across the nation count on their coach for support and accountability. Together, we will find a way to improve your habits and keep you accountable.

I've become the smallest and fittest I've ever been.
I've gotten out of my comfort zone & reached goals I didn't think I could do.

Jenna Lee, 3o, Anchorage
(12 pounds lost)



An awesome program with an awesome trainer who wants to see you succeed. Work outs that bust your butt, but aren't intimidating. Meal plans made of real food. What's not to love?

Los Angeles
Jennalee DeAnne Horwath

This is an amazing program. You can't work with Zlata & not get results. She's inspiring, encouraging, & motivational. She gives you a program to fit your body & your goals. The weekly accountability is so helpful. Even if she's thousands of miles away from your location she's always there for you. No matter how many clients she has, she always makes you feel like you're her top priority. Best trainer I've ever worked with. When you work with Zlata you become part of a big family. We share recipes, workouts, funny stories, inspirations, all the ups & downs of a life change. If you're ready to change your life & feel great, Zlata is your girl. You won't regret it

Jennalee DeAnne Horwath
Stephanie Burns

Zlata at Sexyfit is the best. Seriously. She kicks your butt, but never makes you feel bad if you slip. She's a great trainer and truly understands what it's like to have a busy and packed life while teaching you to insert fitness into your life. Highly recommended!!

Stephanie Burns
San Diego
Molly Hutchins

I have always been intimidated by the weights area in the gym, but I know enough to know that is where you get your results. I booked a VIP day with Zlata to get me over my fear. She was great. She tailored a workout and nutrition plan specifically for me and we spent about four hours outlining to work each machine, how to modify exercises for my body type and figuring out how to balance my nutrition.

Molly Hutchins
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