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Rock Your Body With Confidence, Feel Good in Your Skin and Create Endless Energy to Enjoy the Summer to the Fullest!  
Your Transformation Begins June 5th!

Sister queen, 

I am so happy you landed on this page and I am so happy that you are considering joining us for the Makeover Challenge. 

Let me ask you this first before we dive into the details of the process.

Do you know "this" feeling…?

THAT feeling when your summer shorts fit super tight and the endless frustration to have to buy new bigger clothes every year … 

THAT feeling when you look at pictures of yourself in a summer dress and just want to cringe because its NOT at all what you want to feel like….

THAT feeling when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and decide to never ever ever wear a sleeveless t-shirt ever again…

It's a combo of feeling shamy, judgy and regretful of pretty much everything you ate in the last 134 days … 

You know THAT ONE feeling… Yikes. 

Here is the thing … 

Summer is my favorite season of the year… hints while I live in San Diego now I guess

But, I remember the times when summer was most fun yet the most frustrating season of all

I remember coming out of long cold season hibernation to find myself excited for the sunshine but totally disappointed by the way I looked and felt. 

As a result, summers were not as much fun as they could have been 

I would cancel travel plans with friends anywhere sunny because I couldn't fathom wearing a bikini.

I'd wear baggy summer dresses to feel more slim

I'd have an extra drink at extra curricular activities to forget about the 30 pounds I had just gained to feel more like myself ( i used to call this social anxiety ha!)

Not to mention over eating at these parties, weddings and BBQ’s because i would only allow myself to eat chicken and veggies ( OK or barely nothing) all week and as a results id attack a snack table like I’ve never seen it before. 

This left me in an endless roller coaster of shame, guilt and judgement. 

Summers sucked because of this.  

No pictures were taken 

No fun memories to be had because I was stuck in worrying about how I look

You get the picture FIRST NAME… 

Do you ever feel that way?

If at this point you are sorta cringing, shaking your head and saying “yup, been there”

I believe you will like what I share next. 

Do you want to have the best summer ever? Take all the pictures in the world? Enjoy food without guilt and shame? Feel PROUD of how you look AND feel?

and most importantly ENJOY life to the fullest 

at all the event

and all the snack tables #handmethecupcakes

YES, this is possible


NO it doesn’t have to be hard or crazy expensive 

If you want to have the best summer EVER You are ready to release the guilt, shame and judgement around food and SELF and most importantly create lasting habits to FEEL good in your skin 

I'd love to invite you to join us for the Summer Ready Challenge which begins on June 5th.

And it conveniently ends before the bikini wearin' opportunity on July 3rd before the long weekend to flaunt your amazing results. 

If you are ready to rock your summer with confidence with Sexyfit?

Step 1 - Train Your Mind
Clear away the obstacles that are holding you back from the body you've always wanted. Create a strong I and sense of self.
  • Clear way obstacles that have blocked your success in the past.
  • Overcome negative self talk, improve body image and learn to appreciate our body with gratitude and love.
  • Apply proven habit building practices to make sure that your realists last a lifetime.
Step 2 - Food Freedom
Overcome emotional eating, break free from the dieting roller-coaster, and experience complete food freedom.
  • 4 week Complete Meal Plan Guide with substitutions to adjust your taste buds and lifestyle. 
  • 30+ macro based recipes, + easy on-the-go Sexyfit Kitchen Cookbook with an exact "how to" breakdown with meals for busy women.
  • Guilt free, total control nutritional approach to break free from dieting prison, yo-yo dieting cycles and starvation!
  • We show you how you can eat all the foods you LOVE and lose weight. Not just chicken and broccoli ( because pizza is awesome ).
Step 3 - Simple Fitness
Understand how to get lasting results and feel at home in your body. Get 21 day super-effective workout plan that you can do at home or at the gym to get your sexy back.
  • Spot conditioning workouts focused on creating lean, Sexyfit, "toned" look, torch cellulite and annoying stubborn fat. 
  • Special body shaping movement patterns to re-shape your body while burning fat around the clock. 
  • Complete AT HOME resistance training program with the exact number of reps, sets, patterns and rest times to deliver unbeatable results you can be proud of. 
  • Cardio and plyometric movements available in advanced program. 
  • Daily 5 minute "done anywhere" ab check videos to shape a strong core and a tight, sexy stomach. 
Step 4 - Accountability
Unleash your potential and stay motivated with simple accountability tips for lasting fat loss.
  • Access to an introductory webinar to jumpstart your transformation with Zlata Sushchik.
  • LIVE Q&A to answer any questions regarding the Sexyfit Makeover Challenge and coaching approach. 
  • Daily motivational emails to help you stay motivated and remain on track.
Step 5 - Power of Community
Like-minded, supportive community to lift you up and keep you motivated.
  • Like-minded, highly motivated women to lift you up and keep you motivated.  
  • Daily coaching and interactive conversations with coaches.
  • Private community for weekly, daily check-ins and inspiration. 
Over $997 value, for $97!
“Sexyfit is different, it’s a lifestyle, it’s about being proud of yourself and transforming your body into something you would look in the mirror and feel truly proud of. I’m 55, and at my age I didn’t think I could ever see myself as “sexy.” But I’ve taken it on because I do feel sexy now.” 
“I thought I was signing up for a weight-loss program, but I’ve grown so much mentally and spiritually that the weight loss is just a bonus! I’m seeing my body respond in amazing, long-lasting ways that bring joy to my mind, body, and soul. I’ve had such great results that I told my parents about the Sexyfit approach, and they have lost over 50 pounds collectively at the age of 75!” 
“I lost 40 pounds and got my confidence back! This is so much more than just a diet because I’ve tried every diet under the sun before. I’ve overcome big obstacles, like the fear of failure or investing money in myself. It turns out that with Sexyfit I could never fail because there are Zlata and the [Sexyfit] Community always there to support me, motivate me, and keep me accountable.” 
If you buy today, we'll throw in the following bonuses and resources for FREE so you get amazing results and you get to keep these for life! 
Exercise "how to" library
With 100's of specialty movement patterns, we make it easy for you to know exactly what to do and how to do it. Every exercise has photos and even easy to follow video's. 
My Sexyfit Toolkit
There are secrets and shortcuts other fit chicks aren't sharing with you. I am sharing my complete toolkit with you so you can be prepared in any fitness situation. 
Live Webinars and Q&A Recordings
You keep the live recordings and Q&A Live webinars to you can reference them back later! 
Sexyfit Kitchen Cookbook
Get 30 breakfast, lunch and dinner macro based recipes that are specifically designed for busy women and mom's on the go. 
Total Stretching Guide
Total Stretching guide and Foam Rolling Guide is included for your needs! 
Sexyfit is a proud partner with the Mozambique Water Project and will donate a portion of each sale from the Sexyfit Makeover Challenge to this amazing cause. With your help, we will provide clean drinking water for a community of 6000 people that have been displaced by the Maputo-Catembe Bridge Project.
Meet Your Coach
Zlata grew up in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the U.S. at age 16 only knowing two English words: “Hello“ and “Big Mac.” She began her fitness journey after being publicly shamed by a gym teacher for her weight. 

After exiting her competitive bodybuilding career, where she trained with top coaches and fellow fitness models, Zlata founded Sexyfit, an online nutrition and fitness coaching company that has transformed hundreds of women by helping them achieve a lasting lifestyle change, find unstoppable confidence, and love their body by using fitness as a foundation for success. Her work has been featured in “Muscular Development,” “Flex magazine,” and “FitnessRx,” and she has been named recently as one of the most successful women in business in San Diego. 

Zlata is also the host and producer of the Sexyfit podcast, which features celebrity experts, like the creator of P90X Tony Horton, NY best-selling author Lewis Howes, “Biggest Loser” trainer Brett Hoebel, and fitness model Lori Harder, and reaches hundreds of thousands of women on a weekly basis.
Frequently Asked Questions: 
Q: Is it Hard to Do? 
This program will deliver results if you follow the step by step instructions. You will have the exact guide to follow and forum of like - minded women to support you along the way.

Q: How Many Times a Week Do I Need to Workout?
 If you are using the standard version 3 times per week at 30 minutes per day. If you are using the advanced program - 4 times per week at 30-45 minutes per day.

Q: Can I do it at home?
Definitely. Some women don’t have the time or desire to go to the gym. That’s why the 21 Day Total Body Makeover is versatile and uses minimum equipment.

Q: Can I do it with job and kids? 
Absolutely. All the women you see on this page have full time jobs and some even have three kids. 

Q: Is this only for women who are already in shape? 
Nope. Women from all levels of fitness get phenomenal results with Total Body Makeover. 

Q: What if I have a lot of weight to lose? Will it work for me?
Absolutely. This program was specifically designed for women to create lasting results. Whether you have 10 or a 100 pounds to lose, this method is the exact step by step process that will help you create the body you love and mindset to help you sustain your results.
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